Saturday, May 25, 2013

A sharing & swaping quilt......& 1 xmas item

Cat said I could go ahead & blog about her quilt that she just received back from me. I did the quilting for her, plus some of the centre block, which was part of Helen Stubbings 'Stitchin' Round the Block'. There were four of us in the group, Cat, myself, Kerry & Kerryn . Cat is the only one to make a quilt, the rest of us made cushions, to see mine click here.  So fun to see this 'round robin' finished. Cat was also involved in a block swap, these have been stitched around the centre block, to create a fun quilt.

Knowing Cat loves the modern/ Tilda- ish look I did a few smooth fancy moves!
Celtic Bubbles, inspiration from Diane Guadyski
iconic New Zealand bird, the Kiwi ( they aren't usually pink )
do the clicky thing for a better look!

gotta pop a few feathers in!

aren't some of these blocks fun?

inspiration from Angela Walters book

Can you see the backing fabric? Cat gave me a vintage flannel sheet for the backing & I used cotton batting, Madeira, Gunold & Mettler threads. I'm sure I had a sheet just like that when I was a kid?
the backing.....roll on the 70's!!

My 1 xmas item finished......well two of them, but I won't win any " wow Leeanne you have done so much for your 1 xmas item " will I ? These are pretty quick & easy to do!!
I'm sure the other SAL girls are putting way more effort in then me!
Pop over to Narelle's for a peek at what everyone else's efforts are like.
I have another quilt finished ( you might have seen it in my Puddling post ) but I will have to wait a couple of weeks as the owner is away.
It is a bleak, wet, wintery day here in Whangarei, I have put a big bacon hock in the crockpot for the day, then I will make a big pot of warming winter vegetable soup.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by, enjoy your weekend, I will leave you with the following sentence I found.....................
"Happiness is a thing you have to find for yourself, but dog hair ( in my case cat hair!) is something that finds you." 


  1. Wow - thats a beautiful quilt Leeanne, I love all the different blocks & also the colour combination- I would never have thought to put those colours together but its very effective.
    I think homemade vege soup sounds just perfect for this weather we are having. And yes I am still finding dog hair from the fat fluffy in all sorts of places!!!!!! Julie :-)

  2. wow Leanne your quilting on Cats quilt is awesome,well done.xx

  3. I love seeing the creative ways you quilted each block. Great job!

  4. Lovely quilt and such great quilting Leanne..

  5. I LOVE the quilting you did on this quilt
    And tonight I finished the binding
    Expect to see it on my blog this coming week
    Thank you again for such amazing work

  6. Lovely quilt and your quilting is amazing, lots of different patterns. Nice to see your progress with your Christmas banner too. Soups sounds yum, I must make some today!

  7. Always enjoy looking at your quilting and I hope you enjoyed your soup - in fact I think I might go put a crock pot on for soup tomorrow. Yum.

  8. Nice to see what Cat did with her Stitching Around the Block piece... and look what fun you had with the quilting!! Lots of yumminess and fun designs.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the quilting! Good job.

  10. I'll give you a 'wow!' ... you managed more Xmas sewing than me :o)
    Love the idea of making a quilt from swaps and the round robin. Looks great!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I love everythnig about it!!!