Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Puddling & dolls

Hello bloggy friends & readers! With our first fire of the season, I thought it would a good time to sit next to the fire & share puddling with you.

Puddling????? You ask, have you lost your marbles Leeanne???................................
I get asked from time to time how I manage queen & king size quilts on my domestic machine. Today while working on a customers large quilt, I jumped up & grabbed the camera.

So here I have 'puddled' the quilt, see it looks loose, rippled, like a puddle. This is needed to prevent any drag on the quilt as you are quilting. After each section is quilted you will need to adjust the quilt to create that looseness, so you don't get drag. Sometimes the quilt can fall off the side or back of the table surface. Sometimes the space between you & the needle can have drag too, all this drag makes it very difficult to do free motion quilting.
I have a large Horn sewing table to accommodate the bulk of the quilt, plus I don't have my machine sitting up on the table, my machine sit down in the table so the arm of the machine sits flush with the top of the table. I hope this helps those of you struggling with your own quilting.

Remember Miss Alice? today she got a friend, Miss Ruby. All the way from Threadbear Cottage. When Julie posted last week of her new makes, I just fell in love with Miss Ruby! I said to Julie please can I buy her?? Julie really makes a lovely job of her dolls, all their clothes are overlocked, every seam is neat & tidy & they always come wrapped up in pretty tissue paper.

I'm wondering if I have a thing for dolls as, my sweet friend Megan made me this pretty doll that I have named 'Miss Megs'

Isn't she sweet holding her spool of thread, her wings & rusty bells for her hair?
So while I was photographing these girls, I thought I should get a better photo of Miss Alice.

Another book finish from me, that I wanted to share. This is the last book in the trilogy.

Jenny Bontrager tells herself she should be happy: she has converted to the Amish faith, married her true love, Matthew Bontrager, and is mother to his three children. But she longs for a child – just one child – of her own. Her unhappiness as months pass and she doesn’t become pregnant are affecting her marriage. And when one day she finds that her grandmother and Matthew have kept a secret from her, she is devastated. Can she forgive them and the God who she feels isn’t listening to her prayers for a child?

See here & here for the blurb about the first two books.

Some of you have been asking how my great nephew is doing. Thanks for your concern & kindness. He is doing well, he is now over 1kg! Still very small, but he sounds like a real little fighter.


  1. I am in absolute awe that you do the quilting on a domestic machine!

  2. Now for some reason I thought you were going to talk about pudding...!!! YOur machine looks likeit is drowning in quilt! Love all your dolls what a trio :-)

  3. Puddling does make all the difference!
    What sweet, sweet dolls. I guess you are a collector. I've heard that when you get more than two of anything you are a collector. : ) But what a fun collection.
    So glad to hear the wee babe is thriving!!

  4. thanks for the puddling tutorial Leeanne. I am well versed on 'drag' and now I can see why, as I have my quilts bunched too tightly. I will have to give puddling a go!!

  5. Gosh Leeanne ... I would be sitting sobbing in the corner if I had a quilt that size to work on. I dont know how you do it - it certainly does look like a puddle :-) I did not even know you could get tables where your machine sits down in it. I do know what you mean about dragging on the needle though.
    I am so glad little Miss Ruby got there safely & she looks great after her journey & not creased at all. Thank you so much my friend - you are getting quite a little collection going there. Love Megans dolly too :-)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your quilting setup, I'm nearly the same but may have to look out for a second hand sewing table now :-) would love to get good enough to take customers like that.. Cheers!

  7. Interesting tips Leeanne, something to remember if I ever tackle larger quilting!! Your new dolls are gorgeous, hugs Wendy

  8. You are amazing Leeanne, someone commented on my Gardeners Journal quilt that it was incredible how you did all your quilting on a domestic machine and I don't think I believed them, now I see it is true! I had no idea that it was possible to do the amazing quilting you do on anything other than a long arm machine. WOW! So now I see what you mean by your table custom modified to fit your machine or is it a readily available table? ... love your dollies too.....

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