Friday, November 21, 2014

Custom Quilting.................

Hello Poppets! Always lovely to have you stopping by for a visit.
 More customers quilts to share, thank you  so much to my lovely customers for trusting me with your beautiful quilts.
First are two quilts made by Pam, the first one you will recognise as this is the forth or fifth quilt of the same design I have custom quilted.

A mystery stitchery exclusive to The Country Yard. Compiled of piece work and of course stitcheries. Pam asked for Custom quilting. 

Ditch stitching, diagonal lines for the stitchery blocks, swirls for the main part of the quilt and our beloved feathers!

Words of friendship is the theme.
The stitchery below of the two sitting on the bench has me thinking of the Forest Gump film, where he says "life is like a box of chocolates................" how true!
Where would we be without our treasured friends?

Pam's second quilt is a table runner, more adorable cute stitcheries and clever piecing.

Helen Stubbings of Hugs and Kisses designed this cute focal piece for your table called " Tea for Two".

I did very simple custom quilting, stitching in those ditches again, around the teapot, straight lines for the border and a spiral square for the middle, better seen in the following photo of the back.

Thank you Pam.
Next is a happy quilt made by Stephanie as a Christmas gift for her sister-in-law.

Stephanie asked for custom quilting, she also gave me an Auriful variegated thread to be used on the cream fabrics, this threads variegation starts from a very soft lemon moving up through to a royal blue.

Lots of ditch stitching, background fill, swirls, orange peel and a celtic ribbon/rope for the border, chosen by Stephanie.

Stephanie's sister-in-law is sure to be happy when she opens her Christmas present this year!


  1. That celtic knot border really lifts that quilt to a higher level - terrific job. I'm still terrible at following a line... so no templates for me yet.

  2. All lovely, but the spiral square is special. So glad we don't have snow like Buffalo.. Jean.

  3. That rope border is beautiful. I've looked at those and wondered how in the world to quilt them continuously without lots of stops and starts. This one boggles my mind!

  4. Jusgt stunning totally drooling over the celtic knot border

  5. Beautiful quilts, beautiful quilting.

  6. Beautiful quilts & quilting Leeanne, is that first quilt French General Fabrics?? Just love the little stitchery verses. LOVED the Forrest Gump film ... yes that little park bench does kinda remind you of the movie. Couldnt get on internet due to a certain 4-legged being chewing through my computer cord!!!!

  7. Beautiful quilting as always Leeanne. I do love the stitchery quilts!

  8. Thanks for sharing those lovely quilts x

  9. Beautiful quilts and amazing quilting I once again Leeanne.

  10. That celtic ribbon...wows! Always awesome work!

  11. Another quilt just quilted beautifully as always, Nice work leanne