Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Red Love

Hello watchers, followers and readers. (and stalkers!) I am sharing some red love with you today.
First is a quilt Meg made using up the leftover  fabric serviettes from her daughters wedding.

Simple straight lines seemed to work well on this quilt. Thanks Meg!

Next is a quilt Kerryn has been stitching away diligently on all year.

Bought as an unwanted kit, Kerryn had a great time stitching these Wendy Briggs stitcheries, she used Cottage Garden Thread.

Kerryn decided on diagonal lines going over her stitcheries, which has often been the traditional design chosen to quilt stitchery and redwork quilts.

I kept the quilting fairly low key around the stitcheries, swirling spirals. The same can't be said for the borders............those feathers are back!

I loved the backing fabric.....................printed log cabins! You can see the curved cross hatching I quilted in the four outer corners. This really shows up the custom quilting.

Isn't that backing amazing!!

One day you will see my finished version, here is my progress so far.

Next up is a lovely quilt Norma made to give as a gift.

I was asked to quilt an all over design in the middle, then something separate for the border.
I quilted meandering leaves..........................................

........................and some twirly feathers for the border.
The back......................................

Over on my Facebook page I often share sneak peeks of what I am quilting, I will leave you with the quilt I was working on today.


  1. some real beauties here I do love a quilt with embroidery on and these do not disapoint beautiful

  2. Wow, this combines superb colour choices, design, stitching, and the final quilting with swirls and those feathers. Wow, all over again. Jean

  3. It all looks great, but I especially love your works in progress--the stitchery and the quilting!

  4. Oh yeah I am a stalker that follows or is that a follower that stalks?? Nice quilts love. Where is the cat??

  5. Great quilts and wonderful quilting

  6. Gorgeous quilts! Good going all of you!

    Should there have been a cat some where?

  7. Fabulous quilts and the quilting goes without saying.

  8. All beautiful quilts Leeanne but that Wendy Briggs one of Kerryns made my heart miss a beat ... or two, I love it & your one is looking mighty fine too :-) Is that a Cottage Garden thread you are using on yours??? Oh & that sneaky peek looks a beautiful quilt too.

  9. I was all ooo and aaaaah and oooo and aaaa at all that gorgeous quilting and then the last photo! eeeeeeeeeee!!! looks amazing!

  10. Kerryn's quilt looks even better in real life - great quilting. The straight quilting on the top quilt just suits it so well. Can't wait to see more of your WIP - looks divine.

  11. Your quilting is fabulous Leeanne. What a fantastic idea for the serviettes.Love Kerryn's quilt.

  12. Some beautiful quilts and quilting the stitcheries.

  13. All looking good! A cool idea making the wedding quilt from the serviettes!!