Tuesday, November 11, 2014

many customer quilts to blog about.

Hello poppets!

Seems I have many quilts waiting to be blogged about, so it's catch up time. I also have the photo's I took from the Auckland Festival of Quilts...................but that might come later.

First is a quilt Kerryn has made for The Country Yard made from one charm pack and some supporting fabrics. Inspired by a Moda Bakeshop quilt the fabric is by Moda designed by Barbara Brackman, called 'Ladies Album'.

Lots of ditch stitching treatment, feathers, circles and curved cross-hatching help create texture to this custom quilted beauty.

I have a new friend in thread............Glide, a lovely thread, used over cotton batting.


Another quilt made by Kerryn for a family member. Made from a jelly roll, glide thread over Matilda's Own wool/poly batting. This time Kerryn asked for an all over quilting design.

This quilt is sure to encounter many cuddles with the soft batting and super soft flannel backing!


A quilt made by Judith from a collection of Aboriginal fabrics from a holiday in Australia.
This quilt was made in a motorhome, amazing when you think the quilt measures 74"x 84"!!!

Judith requested an all over quilting design as well.

With more quilts to share with you, I will give you a wee breather.

 Christmas is crashing it's merry ole way towards us all, with that in mind if you have a quilt that requires an all over design I can still fit this in for you before St Nick bursts his way down your chimneys, please contact me for more details.

I will leave you with some photo's I snapped while having a wander around my garden this afternoon.


  1. Wow, all those perfect circles! As always: stunning!
    Lovely garden pictures, too!

  2. Beautiful quilts and quilting. I live the trike in your garden. I want one!!!!!!'

  3. Wow--The quilting on that first quilt is so precise--do you do a lot of ruler work? Are your circles quilted around a template, or do you just draw it and follow the line? Same question on the curved crosshatching. Do you use a ruler for Stitch-in-the-Ditch? Beautiful work!
    That is a fun design on that second quilt (I can't discern the pattern on the 3rd quilt as well, but I'm sure it is great). I'll have to try a practice sandwich of that.
    Beautiful garden shots. I'd show you mine, but it wouldn't be quite the same, buried in dead leaves. : )

  4. I've seen two of these in person and they both looked Great - and cool what you have done with the third one :-)

  5. Great quilts and quilting. Love what you have done on the first quilt. Glide is my BEST friend. I
    my longarm gives me fewer tension issues when I use it and I love the sheen.

  6. Beautiful quilting as usual Leeanne! Garden is looking great, love this time of season-I am so a summer flower garden girl!

  7. Always lovely work but the the first one is especially striking!

  8. Really love all three quilts Leeanne, gosh you sure have been churning out some work. The third one is amazing to think it was done in a motorhome too :-) Your garden looks lovely too .... isnt spring so much nicer than winter ???!!! (wink)

  9. Love the curved cross hatching so eye catching...bit of a rhyme here by accident mind...lovely work on all three quilts and your garden is growing fast. Hugs xxxx

  10. I think I have just fallen in love with 'Thirdly'. That quilt is so gorgeous. You keep mentioning that C thing!!

  11. You have been bust Leeanne, I love the curved cross hatching.
    I have some Glide, but still have not used it, so it's a must now on the next quilt.
    Sure could do with another month or two before St Nick arrives.....