Thursday, November 13, 2014

More yumminess........................

Hello blog-lovers, it's me again with more customer quilts.

Ngaire is part of a lively little group called "Marsden Material Girls". The group has planned a non profit event next year called " The Festival of Fibers". Part of their fund raising efforts are to raffle a couple of quilts.
Ngaire asked me if I could please quilt both raffle quilts.

First is a fun quilt designed by Sarah Fielke from her book Hand Quilted with Love, this design is called: "All That and The Hatter".

I had originally quoted for an all over quilting design  but I was a naughty quilter, I custom quilted this one!!!! I just couldn't help myself! This quilt just didn't want an all over design it screamed 'Please custom quilt me'......................what is a quilter to do?
 Thankfully Ngaire was delighted!!! Trust is a winning recipe for our working relationship. Teacups and teapots need swirly steam!
The borders were treated with tea and coffee themed words, eg; Mocha, green tea, cappuccino etc.
 I enjoyed reading the backing fabric, singles wanted adds!


The backing...............................

It would be a perfect quilt hanging in a cafe!

Next is a cheery applique/strip quilt. Ngaire asked for an all over quilting design, this time I complied!

Ngaire will be adding YoYo's and buttons to the middle of the flowers.
Do you agree with me, these are two lovely quilts to raffle off.

On a personal note I have my daughters 21st birthday quilt to share with you all.
She loved this quilt she saw on Pinterest (sorry there were no credits listed to the maker and designer to show you)

This is my interpretation.................................

I was unable to find exactly the same fabrics, but I think it has turned out nicely.

Here you can see the large flower/swirl inspired from Judi Marsden's tutorial on Youtube , teamed with a leafy border treatment.

And lastly because this is my blog,  I decided to add a photo of the quilt and the two quilted pillowslips on my bed!


  1. lovely quilts....your daughters quilt is lovely, and also the pillowslips

  2. That looks amazing on your bed! Love the colours you clever thing you. Where is your photo bombing cat?

  3. Both lovely quilts! Your daughters quilt is a stunner x

  4. Great quilts Leeanne, thanks for sharing.

  5. Very fun raffle quilts!
    Your daughters quilt makes a beautiful statement. For not being able to find the exact fabric, you did an amazing job replicating it! Looks great on your bed--could you give her something else? *LOL*

  6. Stunning quilts, both! Nice you made your own interpretation of the "Pinterest" quilt. It looks nice on your bed, sorry for you you'll have to part from it. Ànd I see a lovely old bear.

  7. I bet your daughter is so happy with her quilt - it's a great rendition of the 'inspiration piece'. Fun and lovely raffle quilts!

  8. Haha you rebel you! Lovely raffle quilts and great quilting! and your daughter must be super happy - it's so close to the one she liked! go you :)

  9. Oh Leeanne I would be so happy to win either of those two quilts in a raffle - they turned out gorgeous. And as for your daughters 21st quilt - stunning!!! I hope its not a surprise & if it is ... I hope she doesnt read your blog :-)

  10. Thank you once again Mumma bear! I will be putting up a post on the weekend with a feature of the quilt linking to your blog :) I personally think my quilt turned out better than the one on pinterest ;) Love you forever!
    Baby bear!

  11. Beautiful quilt for your daughter! Interesting to see this lovely All That and the Hatter quilt, one that I have often thought I would like to make every time I look at Sarah's book!

  12. While I don't own a teapot and don't enjoy drinking tea... that quilt is just so tempting and fun! It would be a good one to win. And gosh, I don't think you can complain about not having the same fabric as the 21st quilt inspiration - you have created something similar but very individual. Looks great. And isn't she a cutie!

  13. Beautiful quilts, you are so clever creating the flower quilt, it looks really gorgeous. So nice to have matching pillows too. Lovely photos of your garden in the previous post too :)