Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Log cabins, hearts, butterfly's and seashore cottages.......................

Hello friends, happy Tuesday evening to you. Here in Northland the weather has been a mix of rain, wind, rain and more wind and rain! Thankfully no quilts blew away while being photographed!

The four quilts I am showcasing this evening are all Marcelle's creations. The first is a wonderfully scrappy log cabin delight! I loved it's tossed aqua appeal. Marcelle asked for edge to edge quilting, I chose "Turbulence". Not the most attractive pattern name but this pattern is liked by most.

We used Matilda's Own Polyester batting and Fantastico thread by Superior - colour "Playhouse". Marcelle pieced a fun loving backing, retro children playing.

Next are two twin quilts for Marcelle's twin 3 year old daughters. They are once again scrappy but they are different, see if you can spot the differences.

Miss 'B' loves hearts, whilst Miss 'F' loves butterfly's. In both quilts is Matilda's Own polyester batting and Madeira thread. You can see some of the fabrics have sparkles, perfect for little girls.

Last but not least on "The Marcelle List" is her "Suburb's" quilt by CluckCluckSew. This quilt reminds me of seashore cottages...............................

            I could not get a great photo of the whole quilt, shadow's or Simon looming around!

       The quilt measures 63" x 91", Matilda's Own Wool/poly batting, Glide and Madeira threads.

The sky on this quilt was inspired by the particularly winding day present when the quilting took place. Looking at the seashore cottages now has me thinking they also look like boat sheds.

Now the back for this quilt is very clever, a row of cottages, check it out............................Wouldn't it have been amazing if the quilting matched up front and back on the cottages!


  1. Marcelle has been busy - so have you with your lovely quilting, such a lot of different designs on the Suburbs quilt. I bet the littlies loved their quilts.

  2. All really lovely quilts Leeanne but my absolute fave is the cottages one. Yes it reminds me of boat sheds or beach huts too... love how you have quilted it. Wonderful. Pleased to see the Supervisor making an appearance.

  3. Glad to see Simon is earning his keep by supervising. Marcelle has been busy and oh such different quilts. Lovely quilting on them all-is Turbulence a panto? Such wonderful circles you quilted. The last quilt is my favourite-boat sheds to me! Love how you have quilted this. Marcelle will be a happy lady.

  4. Nothing better than a beautiful scrappy log cabin. Absolutely love all the quilts, and you have added so much with your quilting.

  5. Marcelle has been usy - and in doing so is helping to keep you out of mischief!! Lovely quilts..love the cottage/boatshed one :-)

  6. Such lovley quilts, the twins will love their hearts and butterflies! I too like the beach huts, boat sheds quilt, love the quilting Leeanne.

  7. Stunning quilts, loving the final one. Simon just had to photo bomb it didn't he.