Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Calendar Bears and a Northern Shop Hop quilt

Today I am sharing two quilts made by Noeline. First is 'Calendar Bears', designed by Michelle Ridgway , put together as a BOM by The Country Yard.

As usual Noeline's stitching is so beautiful, tiny, neat, precise stitches. She asked for minimal quilting. I did have free range on the border though.

    I used Glide thread colour 'Linen' for the straight lines on the blocks and the feather border.
       A snap shot of the back lets you see the feather on the border better than the front view.

Noeline's other beauty is last years Northern Shop Hop quilt from The Country Yard, called "Love in Paris".

Noeline chose to have the extra borders, taking the original ( which I quilted *here*) from 48" x 48" to 61" square. Making this a nice topper for Noeline's bed, she tells me it's a keeper! Noeline liked how I quilted the shop sample, so I went with that, but of course hers being slightly bigger I had to expand on that original design of mine.

I quite like how the cross hatching takes your eye to the outer edges. Most of the quilting is the same as the shop sample except for a few touches here and there to make it an original for Noeline.

Cross hatching and feathers and swirls help keep this quilt have a romantic feel, it is "Love in Paris" after all!

Because I quite like to see the back of the quilts just like you do, here are a couple.

                         Thank you to Noeline for 'letting me loose' on your quilts!

Now I don't want to freak you all out with words like: "Christmas is only ......... days away", but the Christmas clock is ticking and the closer the time comes the more you lovely quiltmakers start to panic about getting your quilts finished. If you are planning on commissioning me as your long arm quilter
 a) - I would be delighted!
 b) please don't leave it until November to get them to me!
 The sooner the better, if you have them to the flimsy stage get them to me, if you only have borders to go, go ahead and put those borders on. P.S here is a great link on how to attach sashings and borders:

So with that bad word out of the way...........happy patchin'!!


  1. I love how creative you are with your quilting designs. Thanks for the back views. When the fabric is busy, it is hard to see your beautiful quilting, so those plain backs really make it shine!

  2. I like the minimal quilting on the bear blocks - which are so cute. You made up for the minimalism in the border certainly with your lovely feathers!

  3. Both lovely quilts once again Leeanne, I thought that looked like Michelle Ridgeways calendar bears when we saw a sneaky peek. Noelines stitching is beautiful. The pics of the backs look great too. How could you mention the "c" word :-)

  4. the bears are so cute and both so beautifully quilted

  5. Such lovely quilting Leeanne. So excited to see my little bears so beautifully stitched and quilted xx

  6. Such lovely quilting Leeanne. So excited to see my little bears so beautifully stitched and quilted xx

  7. Lovlewy to see Noeline's finished quilts!!!

  8. Both quilts are have done a wonderful quilting job! Working flat out (well most days)to get a flimsy together!! I am with Julie, it is too soon for the C.........word!!!

  9. I so love the bears! Beautiful stitching!!