Monday, December 2, 2013

decorating for Christmas

It's that time of the year again, I'm sure it was only a few weeks ago that I put the Christmas stuff away!

I found these wee stocking in the box of decorations, I usually hang them on the tree, but this year I thought I would make a small garland alternating pinecones with the stockings.

Easy to do, I just screwed a screw in the top of each pinecone & tied on string. You could alternate with other decorations you already have, or empty spools of thread covered with Christmas fabric.
I guess you could paint the pinecones too, but I like the natural/rustic look of them just the way they are.

For no other reasons than I can & I thought it would be fun to hang my Christmas tree upside down!

Such fun finding my treasures, bits n' pieces handmade by friends, my children & myself. There is something special about Christmas quilts, is it because we have them out for a short time?

Has anyone else blogged about their Christmas decorating? Maybe you would like to take us for a tour of your home.

Wishing you all a peaceful lead up to Christmas, stress free, worry free & free laughs!


  1. Well I fretted all day about your plan to hang your tree upside down & worried that you would fall off your perch & I wouldnt have time to come visit you in hospital !!!!!! But I neednt have worried - it looks amazing.
    I want you to print full size pics of all your decs so I can enjoy them in their full glory. I have lots of similar ones to yours. x0x You have done an amazing job ... love the garland with the pinecones.

  2. For a minute I thought the picture was upside down.....I love it!
    Thanks for sharing Leeanne.
    The tree is all I'm doing this year.

  3. Lovely!!! I don't think my daughter would go for the idea of hanging our Christmas tree upside down, but I think it is a very neat idea!

  4. Chuckle... re the tree. Love the pinecones!
    Our tree is up but not decorated dragging the chain a bit aren;t we.
    Love leanne

  5. Your rustic little stocking/pinecone garland is adorable. I love it!
    I've heard of trees hung upside down, but never seen one. I can't imagine how you did that and then decorated it. What a conversation piece that must be!! : )
    Love all of your festive decor.

  6. What a cute garland you've made! We don't do a lot of xmas decorating, but I have hung up my xmas quilt and quilted stockings. Also (because DH has been out all day) I've played xmas songs most of the day (he hates them!) Have fun :)

  7. I thought the photo was upside down too! what a fun idea!

  8. love your garland! Good for you, turning your tree upside down!! Cool!

  9. Haha i laughed and laughed at your upside down tree! Love it! Looks lovey and festive at yours :)

  10. I must admit I looked at that photo for a while trying to work it out, before I read the explanation - yes, I was right, it was an upside down tree!!! The little stockings are very cute hanging up there with the pinecones. Are you listening to Christmas music while you quilt, too?!

  11. Your garland looks gorgeous, in fact all your Christmas things are beautiful. And the glimpses of your new home look beautiful too! I have just put a few Christmas things around so far, I'm looking forward to playing with everything in the weekend :)

  12. Your garland is very clever and looking great.
    Glad you explained your Christmas Tree ... I thought maybe I'd had too much eggnog :o)
    Thank you for a tour through your home.

  13. Lots of festive fun. Love your garland too.

  14. the hanging Christmas tree...puts a whole new meaning on putting the presents under the tree!
    Merry Christmas.